Copper Traditional Thali Set


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  • Bronze Utensils are very healthy to eat in, but its important that the Bronze is 100% pure. As per Ayurveda, KANSA has many “Health Benefits” like it sharpens our intellect, improves our overall immunity, controls Pitta, improves our haemoglobin & digestion and is highly beneficial in keeping us healthy.
  • This beautiful dinner thali set has been handcrafted by skilled Indian craftsmen with care and is of exceptional quality.
  • Usage & Cleaning Tips: 1. Foods like pickle, curd, etc. should not be kept in bronze utensils. 2. Keep bronze pieces as clean as possible. 3. Store at a low humidity place. 4. Ideally use natural cleaning methods like lemon or a solution of salt and water, lightly scrub and rinse
  • A lifestyle and utilitarian Kansa object, beautifully simple, this bronze dinner set is perfect for serving any liquid or dry food. This beautiful set boasts a hand sculpted, natural and fired patina on the surface. According to Ayurveda, Kansa vessels has an alkalinizing effect on food served in it that regulates thyroid gland function, strengthen bones, improve the immune system, cure constipation, reduce fatigue, treat skin problems and support hair growth.
  • This exquisite handmade dinner set has been crafted by skilled artisans from India. This product is equally valuable even after damage as this Kansa metal is easily recyclable. It is highly durable, corrosion resistant and suitable for daily use. It is also wear & tear resistant and heat resistant so you can serve any hot food without a worry. This product comes packed in a special box and makes a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

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Copper Traditional Thali Set