Cold Cast Bronze Gayatri Devi Idol, 10” x 7.5” x 5.5”, Bronze


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Gayathri Mantra is a very popular hymn and a very powerful one to eradicate negativity and darkness and introduce positivity and light. Goddess Gayatri is the personified form of the divine Gayatri Mantra. She is also known as Savitri and Vedamata (mother of vedas). Gayatri is often associated with Savitr, a solar deity in the vedas. Gayatri is one of the consorts of Lord Brahma in Puranic concepts. Saivite texts identify Gayatri as the consort of Shiva, in his highest form of Sadasiva with five heads and ten hands. This polyresin figurine will bring brightness in your house and lives and will give you a peaceful feeling. Recite Gayatri Mantra in front of this idol and feel your heart at its best mood. God figurines are always a way to bring divinity in your lives. So, bring this home for a spiritual feeling.

Colour Bronze
Brand Indian-made
Material Cold Cast Bronze
Collection Name Deity
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14 x 19.1 x 25.4 Centimeters
Weight 1840 Grams

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Cold Cast Bronze Gayatri Devi Idol, 10'' x 7.5'' x 5.5'', Bronze